memon electromagnetic radiation protection devices

Couple Watching TV

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are an ever-present danger in virtually every area of your daily life, and there is no all-embracing ‘universal’ answer that will make the modern world a safer place.


EMF is there when you use your mobile phone, when you use your computer, when you watch your TV, and even when you drive your car. It’s inescapable at your place of work, at school or college, in leisure environments . . . and most worryingly of all, 24 hours of every day in your home.

SilentSo, memon technology has been made available in a range of formats designed to deal with specific threats. This gives you a choice that lets you protect yourself – and those closest to you, such as your family – in all the situations you consider to pose the greatest risk.

 All memon transformers are compact self-contained units that are discreetly designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. In every case, the unit can be easily put in place without requiring specialist assistance or affecting the performance of the device or appliance.

Your guide to which product to choose when you need the reassuring  protection of memon technology: