Autism treatment

There is no cure for autism spectrum disorder!

A widely accepted belief that is held by virtually all professionals in healthcare, by scientists, by researchers and by intervention therapists involved in autism spectrum disorder.

A relatively obscure disease 40 years ago, the incidence of autism diagnosis has increased alarmingly, until it is now one in every 100 children born today in the UK and one in every 50 school-age children in the USA. Despite the vast £billions poured into scientific discovery and research studies, there still hasn’t been a breakthrough in finding a cure. Despite the thousands of scientific papers that have been written, no scientific evidence of a cure has been forthcoming until now. For over 20 years there has been a new medical paradigm that has been successfully managing autistic children for more than eight years and it’s the brain-child of Dr Yurkovsky, a former cardiologist working in New York.


What has £billions of research told us about the causes of autism?


Whilst scientists and researchers have identified some ‘unproven’ causes of autism, why has FCT remained unnoticed? One reason could be that no one has linked together the separate areas of scientific speculation that have produced many thousands of scientific papers and research studies which have uncovered parts of the jigsaw, but have failed, so far, to join together the separate pieces.

There are certainly some major players.

Toxicity - in particular, mercury and other heavy metals.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Generated by electrical and battery operated devices, the main offenders are mobile/cordless phones, headphones, i-pods, laptops, and computers and televisions. Studies have shown a positive correlation between the incidence of autism, and the pollution from electromagnetic fields. In the presence of metals (usually mercury) within the body, EMFs have the effect of drawing metal residues present in the body, towards the brain permeatating the blood/brain barrier. Once in fatty tissue (and the brain is 60% fat), the mercury tends to remain undisturbed, since it has such an affinity. Autistic children tend to have an obsession for electronic devices, and so it is absolutely imperative that these children’s environments are EMF-protected, and their exposure kept to an absolute minimum. More

Mercury. The most toxic metal there is. It might be in our mouths in the form of dental amalgams that leach poison 24/7. In several countries it has been banned for more than 20 years, but in the UK it is still used to repair dental decay in the vast majority of cases.  Amalgam toxicity is passed on to the baby before birth from mercury amalgams in mothers, since mercury crosses the placental barrier. After birth, a further source of mercury is breast milk, and also the mercury-containing preservative, Thiomersal is present in some vaccinations.

Most fish oils also contain mercury, and are not always the beneficial supplement that people believe. The light energy emitted from fluorescent, or mercury-filled lights, and LCD screens, also carries with it the vibrational frequency of mercury, which has been known to exacerbate symptoms of autism and ADHD. More

Vaccines. A positive association found between the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder and neurodevelopmental delay, and childhood vaccination uptake across the U.S. population. Trials were conducted in each state in America between 2001 and 2007, and the overall results showed that a 1% increase in vaccination was associated with an additional 680 children having autism, or speech and language impairment. Clinical experience of FCT has repeatedly shown that the removal of vaccination residues and mercury from numerous areas of the brain has resulted in the absence of autistic behaviour in previously diagnosed children. So where does this leave us when deciding on the merits of vaccinations? Please see the vaccines section elsewhere on this website. More 

Antibiotics. It is very common for autistic children to have a myriad of health issues. Toxicity causes excess mucous formation so ear, nose, throat and respiratory infections are common, resulting in the repeated use of antibiotics. There is absolutely no doubt that antibiotics can be life-saving, and their benefits, on occasion, must not be underestimated. But, the increased use of antibiotics is thought to be linked to the rise in the number of allergies and asthma, and correlates with the increased rise in inflammatory bowel disease.

It is well known that patients who have long-term, or repeated courses of antibiotics may feel better initially, but beyond the short-term, benefits of such therapy are short-lived. It is far better that the underlying issues of toxicity and immuno-suppression be addressed, than repeated reliance on the prescription of antibiotics. More

Candidiasis. Candida proliferates in the presence of heavy metal toxicity (with the resulting immuno-suppression), a diet high in refined carbohydrates, and repeated courses of antibiotics. The colonies of candida act as a sponge for heavy metals. Also, the presence of some candida species methylate mercury in the gut. One of the organic forms, dimethylmercury, can be created in this way and is many, many times more toxic than mercury. More

Parasitosis is the presence of worms/parasites in the body. Parasitosis is invariably present in those with autism. In some respects on-going parasitosis is a ‘chicken and egg’ situation. If the immune system is compromised the body does not kill worms and parasites effectively. The presence of worms and parasites then become a further drain on the immune system and so the problem is perpetuated.  Parasitosis is one of the primary causes of digestive problems in autism. More

All these causative factors have been thoroughly researched and written about by many of the world’s most eminent scientists. So, why have they been ignored, and no cure been found?

Well, like in any other period in history, occasionally there appears a genius who changes current thinking. And, this is what we have today with Field Control Therapy medical system, the brain-child of Dr Yurkovsky – a genius that has developed a cure for autism, and many other acute and chronic conditions, too.

Autism and ADHD are curable! DVD

‘Autism, ADHD and many brain disorders are curable’, was the major subject of a seminar presented in New York by Savely Yurkovsky, MD in October 2011, to health professionals, and FCT students and practitioners. This part of the seminar, available on a 7 disc DVD set, described all aspects of the methodology of FCT.

The DVDs introduce a detailed explanation of the very roots of disease with their insidious interconnections and interdependency. They vividly demonstrate why, and how, all other treatment methods are doomed to failure because of their inability to diagnose and treat the main roots or true causes of autism. These other methods are also overly expensive, as a rule.

Dr. Yurkovsky demonstrates the precision of FCT Bio-resonance testing in detecting the main causes of autism directly – both in the brain, and in other organs. He also demonstrates the ability of his novel homeopathic approach to address these causative factors.

Dr. Yurkovsky also introduces the cases of several autistic children present at the seminar, who were undergoing FCT treatment on the day. Their parents also gave firsthand accounts of their children’s cure and ongoing progress.

This 7 DVD set ‘Autism and ADHD are curable!’ is available priced £56, excluding postage.


Autism and ADHD are curable!



A campaign to cure autism and ADHD publication

An obscure disease only a few decades ago, autism has today emerged as a worldwide childhood epidemic. Tragically, its true roots remain obscure, its cures are sporadic, and the failure to publicise those treatments is the rule. These alarming facts command the urgent analysis of all issues relevant to autism, including its serious misconceptions, ineffective treatments, and prevention.

This publication highlights the need for a complete paradigm shift in order to cure these conditions. It features FCT’s unique diagnostic method which determines the concrete causes of these, and other diseases directly, in the brain, gastrointestinal and other organs, as opposed to the analysis, and attempted correction, of some non-specific abnormalities detected in laboratory tests

FCT Autism Pub

It also details how, FCT’s novel homeopathic, pill-free, treatment addresses these causes in a powerful way. Dr. Yurkovsky’s sound application of scientific principles is described in detail, and also included, are parent testimonials and comprehensive case studies of ASD children/teenagers successfully treated by FCT trained practitioners, and Dr. Yurkovsky himself.

A campaign to cure autism and ADHD publication is available, priced £8.50 inclusive of postage by emailing:


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