Protection whilst you're out and about

Memonizerbody 3When used in conjunction with memonizerCOMBI, the memonizerBODY gives you peace of mind as it gives you considerable EMF protection whilst outside the harmonised enivironment of your home. It reduces your exposure to the pathogenic energies that can have a negative impact on your body's immune system.

Away from home, at work, travelling, shopping, holidaying or simply out just walking, the memonizerBODY can support your well-neing whilst away from the protected environment of your living space.

The memonizerBODY is available is three adjustable lengths: Small 14cm, Medium 16.5cm, Large 20cm, and can be adjusted as required. 

Single - Silver Holder



Special pack of six - SAVE £80 - Silver Holder



Single - Black Holder



SPECIAL PACK OF SIZ -SAVE £125 - Black holder




on EMF protection packages

For a 24/7 package that covers your living space and offers personal protection for you and your family when away from the home environment contact 07546 533406 for futher details.