Causes of illness

There is a multitude of factors that can contribute to ill health. But, as much as conventional and alternative medical practices may offer short-term relief, they can’t always address the underlying causes. Our bodies are amazingly complicated organisms and any interference with their subtle balance can have a disrupting influence on functioning. Suffering from a grumbling stomach that doesn’t settle down; a bacterial infection that needs a course of antibiotics to brush it off; a food allergy that continues to recur (but aren’t they commonplace in the age in which we live); a craving for sugary ‘comfort’ foods; weight that yoyos up and down with no satisfactory conclusion. Attempting to boost your suppressed immune system, you try a course of energy-boosting vitamins or supplements and find it isn’t the answer you were looking for. Testing can be inconlusive and trying to identify the root causes isn’t that simple.

Well, let’s look at some of the statistics regarding the state of the nation’s health:

Obesity-related hospital admissions increase in England, new report shows.

Anti-depressant prescriptions account for largest annual rise in items dispensed in the community.

One in three final year primary school children overweight or obese.

People with diabetes at much higher risk of suffering heart failure than the general population, national audit shows.

Emergency hospital re-admission rates among stroke patients now higher than in 2001/02.

Eating disorder hospital admissions rise by 16 per cent in a year.
Hospital admissions for stress rise by 7 per cent in 12 months.

Diabetes prescriptions top 40 million in England after 50 per cent rise in six years. 

Irritable bowel syndrome leads to more than 5,000 hospital admissions a year, new report shows.

Some of the main factors that can contribute to poor health are discussed in the following sections. However, identification of  the underlying causative factors isn’t that simple. Many milder conditions we tolerate, and look for reasons associated  with age, weight gain, weight loss, lack of excercise, etc, but, we never quite find out what these reasons are. Field Control Therapy is the breakthrough that is transforming the whole approach to finding solutions – and finding them by helping the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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