FCT works on the body at an extremely sensitive energetic level, and to gain the optimum benefit from treatment it may be necessary to make adjustments your lifestyle and diet - which you will be advised on at the initial consultation. To help further your understanding of FCT, the following FAQs have been compiled by Dr. Yurkovsky and FCT practitioners.

This website contains academic references that support the science which has led to the development of FCT. Should you have any further questions you can use the contact form on this site.

Why does the treatment program emphasise the removal of mercury and other related dental components?

 It has been determined that silver amalgam fillings give off toxic mercury vapour and other equally harmful components which may accumulate in the body indefinitely. They may invade and adversely affect any organ and tissue including your immune system. The latest reports established the role of mercury in causing heart disease and inducing destructive changes in the brain similar to the ones found in Alzheimer’s disease.

Most people in the UK have, or have had, fillings during their lifetime. Furthermore, the majority might have been born with mercury since it is known to cross the placenta and aggregate in the fetus. In FCT testing experience, this has been the case with 100% of children that have been seen, and who suffer, as a result, from a whole range of health conditions from allergies and frequent infections to Lyme disease, ADHD and even autism.

FCT homeopathic remedies prepared from mercury or other toxic substances have proven in research studies to help excrete them.

Why do I need to stay away from major sources of electromagnetic fields (EMFs -  computers, televisions, phones, cell phones, fluorescent lighting, and travelling in a car) while on a FCT homeopathic protocol?

 FCT homeopathic remedies work to help you to excrete toxic metals out of the body in a systemised order. First, these substances are excreted from your organs and tissues into the bloodstream. From the bloodstream, they will exit via the excretory organs:  kidneys, colon, skin, etc. While the metals accumulate in the bloodstream in large amounts, they are subjected to interaction with EMFs in our environment. This interaction may interfere with the efficacy of their excretion and render it partially ineffective. On a general level, one has to be aware that electromagnetic radiation is unphysiologic to our own body’s innate cellular energy and, therefore, as a rule must be minimised as much as possible. 

How far away do I need to be? For instance, can I watch TV from 25 feet away, or can I walk past a room in which a computer is on?

This cannot be ascertained with certainty as people’s individual sensitivity to EMFs varies greatly. For optimum results, one is better off avoiding them altogether.

May I sit in the back seat of the car?

This is relatively better than being close to the car instruments and engine, in the front. A recent study has shown that the front footwell of a car is subjected to extremely high levels of EMF, created by the steel reinforcement in the tyres. But even so, we would not encourage spending more than, arbitrarily, 15 minutes (one way) in the car while on the treatment provided this cannot be avoided. However, the vehicle should be fitted with a memon vehicle transformer to harmonise these dangerous EMFs.

May I use a speaker phone or cell phone (mobile phone) with a headset?

 Using a speaker phone is more benign than applying a phone receiver to the head. However, a person using a speaker phone still remains within its electromagnetic field. That is why one must stay away from it as far as possible and avoid any lengthy conversations.

Cell phones with the extension ear set are a much better option, but remember not to hold the cell phone in your hand after you dial the number.

What about other electrical appliances – kitchen and laundry room appliances, or hair dryers – for instance? Are these okay?

All and any devices which run on electricity give off EMFs. Therefore, their use should be (a) avoided; (b) minimised, or (c) handled via an insulating material, e.g., rubber gloves, etc. Some electro-magnetically sensitive people do react to charged air such as that from hair dryers, air conditioners or forced hot air heating.

What about listening to the radio? Turning off the alarm clock radio in the morning?

 The same principle applies here. You may listen but from a distance of at least several feet away. As a rule, do not turn your bedroom into a “circuit city” outlet. TVs, VCRs, stereos and other electronic equipment do not belong there. They may retain magnetic energy even after being switched off, which is harmful to your body and interferes with the energy restoration of our bodies while we sleep. Also, make sure that if you have to have appliances that are plugged in in your bedroom (alarm clock, night light, phone), that these use sockets which are a distance from your bed. Likewise, make sure that your bed is removed, by at least a distance of a foot or more, from even an empty socket, which in cases of improper grounding may give off electromagnetic fields.

Why do I need to avoid wearing jewellery (my wedding ring, watch, etc.) while taking FCT protocols?

Our body is primarily governed via energy-related mechanisms. The body’s energy flows through multiple acupuncture meridians which may become compromised by the metals and stones contained in jewellery, as well as watches and their metal bands.

In addition, during the FCT homeopathic treatment when a concentration of toxic metals rises in the blood, this may lead to metal-to-metal interaction between the toxic metals being released and the metal in rings, earrings, necklaces, ankle chains, watches, etc.

My spectacles frames are metal – should I be concerned about wearing them while taking FCT remedies?

For the reasons covered in the previous question, I would recommend wearing eyeglasses with plastic frames on a general basis. If one has to wear glasses with metal frames during the protocol and has no other options, this should not, per se, preclude a treatment.

My work requires being near computers. What should I do?

Your practitioner will advise you accordingly. Becasue the tretaments work over a number of days, EMF should be avoided for a period of time. Experience has shown that EMF harmonisation is intergral to FCT treatment. 

If I am unavoidably exposed to EMFs (computer, television, phone, fluorescent lights, driving a car) while taking a protocol, what should I do?

It would be ideal to have personal EMF protection and EMF harmonisation in the workplace and in the home. Treatments tend to be more effective if carried out during weekends and holidays if you do not have harmonisation in the workplace.

Why do I need to avoid foods with sugar/sweets while on FCT homeopathic protocols?

You should avoid them in general because they are destructive to health and foreign to our genetic make-up. During the treatment it is particularly important to retain and channel the body’s resources to overcome the toxins your body is fighting.  Furthermore, it has been observed that sweets lead to a rise in the concentration of mercury and other silver amalgam components (FCT bio-resonance testing experience). It possibly takes place through a characteristic of the candida family whereby the fungus releases some of the stored metals following sugar uptake. For the same reason, you need to avoid foods with yeast and white flour, and fruit.

How did I become infected with candida/yeast?

Through three major and practically ubiquitous factors in Western societies:

  (a)  Immune suppression, since the candida family belongs to opportunistic infections, i.e., candida flourishes when we are in an immune-suppressed state. Mercury in fillings is known to cause immune suppression. Other heavy metals such as lead and cadmium also commonly cause immune suppression. Also, if nothing else, the ageing process with its parallel decline in immunity which begins as early as around 21 years of age, is a major factor, too; (b) Antibiotic use; and (c) High sugar, high carbohydrate diet.

Is it just me and my kids who are so unlucky to have yeast because I see other people and their children who eat many sweets and starches and they seem to be OK ?

They seem to be but they aren’t – they are far from being OK. Their doctors just aren’t trained to diagnose and recognise yeast infections. Also, eating many sweets and starches is not a sign of being okay, but a sign of addiction. Cravings/addictions and good health are contradictory entities. A healthy body will never crave pizza, pasta, cakes, biscuits, sweets, sugary drinks, etc. That is why by following the FCT treatment and having a proper diet, many patients have testified that even looking at these foods makes them nauseous.

Is it only women who have yeast infections ?

Men also have yeast infections, as well as children and the elderly.

How common are yeast infections ?

 From FCT experience and observations – 100% of the population has a yeast infection. 

What diseases do yeasts cause ?

FCT testing experience has shown that they cause literally just about all diseases, from head to toe. Yeast has a powerful propensity to invade not only the skin and mucosal surfaces in the body (vagina, gastrointestinal tract, gums, mouth, tongue, sinuses, eyes, bronchial passages), but even the internal organs (brain, ears, thyroid, heart, lungs, breasts, spleen, uterus, ovaries, prostate, joints, and nerves). Children and adults become (mis)diagnosed by other doctors as having “other” diseases: behavioral, cognitive, psychiatric, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, rheumatological, autoimmune, urogenital, infectious, allergic and so on, while they “coincidentally” enjoy sweets, starches and appear “healthy” while consuming them.

       The treacherous aspect here is that yeasts do not act alone but usually against the background of immunosuppressive, pharmaceutical and poor dietary factors which act in unison.  In our society, since these factors are present in abundance, FCT has observed a very unfortunate trend, whereby practitioners may treat up to three generations of the same family, and how much earlier in life (nowadays from infancy) each generation becomes afflicted with this epidemic. 

Can I get rid of yeast quickly? I have read in popular books on the subject of the many anti-yeast protocols consisting of herbal and other natural products, probiotics (good bacteria) and even medications that kill the yeasts fast. Is it true? 

What the books do not tell you is the downside, and even real dangers of these “quick” solutions, and for the following reasons:

  1.  Candida species cannot be killed for good because they are a part of our indigenous colonic flora.  They therefore will always regenerate.

  2.  They possess an uncanny ability to adapt and change which leads to the rise (under these “protocol” based treatments) of fungal species that are far more dangerous than the original ones, since they are a mutated and more aggressive species.

  3.  In the process of being killed yeasts often release stored heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium). If the body were to fail to excrete these promptly (usually the rule),  very harmful health consequences can result. 

  Also, all of these “quick” treatments are bound to fail as they are unable to address the key elements that are crucial in containing the yeast infection: the restoration of one’s immunity and proper rebalancing of gastrointestinal bacterial flora – which is possible only after removing the heavy metal toxicity which would otherwise sustain the yeast infection and suppresses immunity.

Aren’t there natural supplements that I can take, in this respect, which claim to stimulate and rebuild my immune system?

Let me answer your question with a question. Considering the fact that the immune suppression is caused by hidden toxins (heavy metals, other pollutants, etc.), what in your opinion would be the most beneficial to a chained horse in enabling it to run: a shot of adrenaline, or removal of the chains? The adrenaline initially may produce some effects but with time it is bound to stop acting and, even worse, completely exhaust the horse.

Here is just one of hundreds of similar examples from Dr Yurkovsky's practice:

I once treated a very intelligent, middle-aged man with cancer, who was quite gullible for new medical discoveries. Since his count of T killer cells (the very immune cells that are supposed to annihilate cancer) was extremely low (zero), he was taking a very expensive natural product that was “discovered through the latest research” to raise T killer cells.  He was very compliant and took many pills, as advised, for “at least a three month period to see the maximum results”.  At the completion of the three month period, no positive results were achieved, as his T cell count remained exactly where it was – zero.  After he stopped the “immune stimulator” and received homeopathic treatment for heavy metals (which were suppressing his immunity), his T killer cells went up. 

Can I eat foods with very low sugar content (e.g., a cereal with only 5 grams of sugar per serving as opposed to 15 grams)?

No. You must read the ingredients first to make sure there are no sweeteners of any kind, including “natural” – the downfall of almost all cereals. Also, eating high carbohydrate meals with low protein and/or fat intake counterproductive.

What hidden sources of sugar should I avoid?

 Read our diet sheet:  “Foods to Avoid.”

How about a healthy sweetener from a health food store while I am on the diet?

It sounds good, but there is no such thing.

What about fruit – isn’t it good for you?

Yes, if you can tolerate it. The majority of people with overgrowth of yeast are sensitive to any source of simple sugars, including fruit.

My child is undergoing FCT homeopathic treatment. How can I keep her from eating sweets? She sees friends having sweets/breads/favorite foods in their lunches, at birthday parties, and every social gathering. She often cries in these settings. I don’t want her to feel “different,” deprived, or resentful.

What would you say to your child, who is a minor, concerning his or her friends having alcohol at lunches, birthday parties and social gatherings?  In the end, it is not so much what our children are being deprived of, but the meaning we attach to this perceived deprivation. The more guilty we feel about this, the more value our children sense that we, the parents, place on it, and the more deprived they feel. Explain that this is a bad food for them and for other children, too. The only difference is that they or their parents (teachers included) may lack this awareness. Draw a relationship in your child’s mind between the discomfort (pain) of the medical condition he/she suffers from (ear infections, sore throats, bronchitis, allergies, etc.) and junk food. Later on, it will be those junk food kids who, as adults, will be seeing heart, obesity, diabetes and other specialists. 

How do I deal with my sugar cravings?  Is there a solution?

Cravings can be easily conquered. They result from a disordered metabolism where the organs, including the brain, function in an inefficient physiologic regime. As a result the cells cannot attain prolonged periods of sugar satiety, and sugar is the main source of our energy. As a result, the organs constantly (every few hours), require a new delivery load – a fix.  Such a state exists due to several factors: toxins – heavy metals (lead, mercury, others) invading the organs; overproduction of insulin due to high sugar/carbohydrate intake, and; yeast overgrowth that leads to a rapid sugar depletion. The latter two lead to frequent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), while the former leads to a decreased sugar delivery inside the cells. Although the low sugar diet is necessary to reduce the heightened insulin production, it alone cannot solve toxic problems or yeast overgrowth. That is why these people remain on very low carbohydrate diets for the rest of their lives; otherwise, they are prone to relapses of sugar bingeing and weight gain. Most of them are forced to remain on a strict high protein diet which, by and of itself, is unphysiologic and toxic.

       The notion that these dieters graduate to a more “balanced” and less strict stage is deceptive because as soon as they do, most of them regress completely. So the “balanced” stage, in essence, carries more of a commercial purpose than one related in any way to health or reality.

  The surest way to solve this problem and attain lasting weight benefits, is through what we practise here – FCT, whereby all of these factors behind the cravings are identified and addressed thoroughly and effectively.         

When can I eat my favorite foods again?

If your favorite food is “junk” (chips, doughnuts, pasta, pizzas, any white flour products, cheap sugary desserts, cakes, biscuits, sugary drinks, etc.), you should not eat them at all unless your health, vitality, longevity and quality of life are not important to you.  All desserts containing sugar or substitutes, are not good for us, if for no other reason but that they do not contain any essential nutrients and we, genetically, are not meant to consume them. They rob us of our own nutrients and vitality.

Once you become healthier on the program, paradoxically, two good health bonuses are to be expected. One, your need for sugar will be drastically reduced and two, you will be satisfied with a fraction of sweet taste compared to your pre-treatment level. For quite a few patients the sight of dessert makes them feel nauseous post-treatment.

Once your vitality has been strengthened and your gastrointestinal flora fortified and any overgrowth of yeast corrected, sour-sweet fruit can be consumed.

Why do I sometimes feel worse during/after a treatment?

Because of the release of toxins due to detoxification of metals, and/or the “dying off” of intestinal yeasts or parasites. Also, withdrawal symptoms (sugar/carbs) may also play a large role.

How long do the benefits of a treatment last?

It is commensurate with your lifestyle - its pace, stress, diet, emotional and environmental stressors, and a host of other factors. These include the side-effects of other treatments, or even (quite commonly) nutritional supplements you may have received from others, or have taken on your own.  Your genetic constitutional weaknesses play a significant role as well. It is fairly similar to the situation of fixing your car. When will you have to fix it again? It depends on your use or abuse of the vehicle and the quality of its original build.

How long will it take before I’m feeling healthy and strong?

It depends upon how much abuse your body has already taken, how far the reserves have been depleted, and how many toxic layers have piled up. Think of a tissue box with a spring hidden on the bottom. The layers of tissues, metaphorically speaking, are the toxins which have built up on top of the spring (your vitality), which is squashed on the bottom. The aim of the treatment is to remove, as rapidly as possible, (plus-minus your doings-undoings, environment, lifestyle, etc.) all of these layers to free up the spring and let your natural vitality emerge.

What happens when I’m “well”?  Will I be cured?  Or will I need follow-up “maintenance” treatment from time to time?

A car is subjected to continous wear and tear, and needs regular manitenance.  Likewise with our bodies. The only difference is that one can take a car off the road indefinitely, or always find a spare part. This does not hold true for us, or our organs.  That is why a prudent lifestyle and pre-emptive treatment are essential. FCT maintenance is necessary, before the toxic build-up and stresses reach a critical level leading to genetic breakup and serious, or even potentially fatal, conditions.

How frequent should maintenance visits take place?

On average, three to four times a year. Your lifestyle, your environment, your physical, emotional and genetic make-up,  together with your family medical history ought to be taken into consideration.  As a rule, when a physician who knows how to account for these factors, and possesses sound means to address prevention, tells you to return for a follow-up in four months, do not stretch it to six.  Remember, it is always easier and less costly to prevent, than to undo.