Night and day, you should always feel safe in your own home.

Combitransformer SingleThe memonizerCOMBI is the simple yet effective way to protect your whole house or apartment – and everyone living in it – from the effects of EMF caused by any appliance which is plugged into the electrical wiring circuit. In addition, the memonizerCOMBI reduces particulate matter in the air, making your home environment more refreshing, and healthie

The memonizerCOMBI can be placed either next to the main fuse box or the electricity meter, and is easily installed in a matter of minutes. All circuits powered from the main fuse box are then protected. It is also suitable for offices, commercial and factory buildings, small businesses, hospitals, clinics, care establishments, education establishments, hotels and restaurants. For premises larger than those above, devices can be custom-made.

memonizerCOMBI – Plug-in

An even easier way to enjoy all the benefits we’ve listed for the memonizerCOMBI. With this particular version, you simply plug it into any socket anywhere in your home. This particular type of COMBI requires that the wiring circuit is of a particlar configuration, which is present in most homes these days.

To purchase a memonCOMBI or learn more about the unique benefits it can bring to your health and well-being contact: 07546 533406 or email:

To ensure your home or building has the correct memonizerCOMBI, we will require details of the configuration of your electrical circuitry, your annual electricity consumption and the total floor area of your property. This will help us to determine the size of COMBI best-suited to property in order to provide you with optimum protection.

Additionally, if you are also interested in any of the other memon protection devices you will qualify for an multi-purchase, extra product discount.


on EMF protection packages

For a 24/7 package that covers your living space and offers personal protection for you and your family when away from the home environment contact 07546 533406 for futher details.