Peace-of-mind bathing in water as re-vitalising as nature intended

Re-nature the water in your swimming pool with a memonizerPOOL. Ideal for applications prone to lime scale, memon technology brings you water that is soft and more skin-friendly, and free from pollutants that can have a negative effect on your body.

Users report that skin irritations and stinging eyes are reduced. Float light-heartedly and be inspired by the re-vitalising nature of the water.

The memonizerPOOL is ideal for swimming pools and whirlpools of all kinds, such as in private households, wellness areas, hotels and hospitals, clinics and care establishments etc. Caution: Should you wish to reduce the prescribed amounts of chemicals in public institutions, you will need to observe the legal threshold values recommended.

To purchase a memonizerPool or learn more about the unique benefits it can bring to your health and well-being contact: 07546 533406 or email:

To ensure your memonizerPOOL has the correct capacity we will require pool size, details of water pump flow rate and piping configuration as well as the total pool water volume, to obtain a recommendation for which size of this device is correct for you.