Energy from the sun without the side-effects of EMF.

MemonizersolarSolar power is widely regarded as the most efficient way forward in producing cheaper, greener and more sustainable energy for our homes, education establishments, and businesses.

Yet, while it's true that this is an environmentally-friendly technology, it is still a potent source of EMF. Studies suggest that radiation coming from solar electric systems may have a long-term health effect on healthy children and adults, and may be the cause of hyperactivity (ADHD) in school children. Some of the milder symptoms are headaches, sleeplessness and poor concentration. People with electromagnetic hypersensitivity however can experience more severe symptoms and are not able to stay within the building fitted with these systems.  

The solution is provided by the memonizerSOLAR, which harmonises all PV-installations and other types of solar energy systems used to produce electricity. 

This means that we can all profit from the natural energy of the sun, without it costing us our health and natural sense of well being. You will require one memonizerSOLAR per inverter circuit. 

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