Re-natures the water you drink, wash in and cook with.

Watertransformer Standard ADelivered many miles from source our water can often be affected by the pathogenic energy of environmemtal toxins, pollutants, or electrosmog(EMF), and, even though in small amounts, these can upset the delicate balance of our bodies' regulatory mechanisms. As our bodies are comprised of nearly 90% water, it is essential that this reservoir of vitamins, trace elements, and minerals is maintained to revitalise our bodies' systems.

memonizerWATER as well as re-naturing the quality of water it makes it noticeably fresher, softer and more skin-friendly.  Tests have shown that the resultant structure of memonizerWATER is similiar to spring water.


Fresh spring water


Tap water without memonizer


Tap water with memonizer






 The memonizerWATER is suitable for water outlets within the home, apartment, offices, commercial and factory buildings, small businesses, hospitals, clinics, care establishments, education establishments, hydroculture and farming, hotels and restaurants, swimming pools, drinking fountains and many other locations requiring the purity and hygiene of fresh water. As a rule, you require for each unit (house, apartment, office), irrespective of the size, only one transformer per water supply. 

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