NSM Disclaimers

Natural Science Medicine

The information given is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or other appropriately qualified healthcare professional. NSM does not purport either to diagnose or rule out recognised medical conditions, but is instead used as a direct means of constructing treatment protocols tailored to the individual under scrutiny and intended to help improve his, or her, health. NSM seeks to uncover the root causes of disease, rather than merely providing conventional disease names based on superficial symptoms and signs. The practice of NSM does not object to conventional tests whenever they are necessary to provide a high quality of medical care.


There is considerable debate at the moment over whether, and to what extent, environmental influences such as EMF (electromagnetic fields) and geopathic stress are harmful, and to what degree they exert a negative influence on our quality of life. Just visit the web and you will turn up thousands of scientific studies and peer reviewed articles, half of which warn us of the dangers to our health of electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress, whilst the other half express the view that there is no need for concern about any risk to our well-being. We are familiar with this type of debate from the past over issues such as asbestos, cigarette smoking, lead in petrol, and, more recently, the realisation that climate change, through global warming, is a fact. Modern science has recognised that electromagnetic waves can be damaging to our DNA which, in turn, results in a negative effect on our health. Memon protective bionic instruments have been scientifically designed to offer protection from EMF and geopathic stress. They are the culmination of several decades of testing, and investigation into the influence of electromagnetic waves on our bodies’ homeostatic balance. Working in conjunction with practitioners of biomedical medicine, these Memon devices have been found to provide sustained protection from harmful electromagnetic and geopathic stresses.