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A male child diagnosed with autism at 3 years 8 months. View Case Study

A male child diagnosed with Language Impairment Disorder possibly from birth. View Case Study

Further case studies and testimonials are featured in the publication, A campaign to cure autism & ADHD, available through this website, and; Webinar 007, available as a download from

Webinar programmes presented by Savely Yurkovsky, MD.

Hosted by Dr. Yurkovsky, and intended for FCT qualified practitioners, students and medical professionals, this on-going series of webinars covers a wide spectrum of subjects including case studies of the usual, and unusual, acute and chronic illnesses that have been successfully treated by his unique medical system – Field Control Therapy (FCT). 

The webinars are now available as a download and serve as an introduction to FCT for other healthcare professionals, and those contemplating training to be a Field Control Therapy practitioner. In addition, for individuals with a particular health issue, it offers an insight into the underlying toxicity and the methodology of a treatment that can lead to a successful outcome for virtually all medical conditions.

These webinars are transmitted regularly. They can be downloaded, and a more detailed synopsis is available at: http://www.yurkovsky.

Webinar 001
– Case #1: A patient case of dermatitis that “ruins my life”, plus a general discussion on petroleum products and other topics.

Webinar 002Case #1: A Lyme tick has been detected after being present for hours on the skin of a child. Followed by this are some particularly challenging cases of patients who have been failed, for years, by numerous alternative and conventional practitioners.

Case #2: Not a paradox: A chiropractor with disabling back pain.

Case #3: The victim of “holistic rejuvenation”.

Case #4: Another victim of blindfolded alternative treatments.

Webinar 003 Parasitic infections.  An in-depth presentation and case study of parasitosis – a condition which, once established, can lead to head-to-toe chronic diseases. A look at EAV computerized diagnoses devices, computerized bio-resonance testing, homeopathy, and comments on general science and conventional medicine.

Webinar 004–Case #1: A victim of functional medicine.

Case #2: Heart patient. A case of a young man who sustained myocardial infarction and over the years has gained some 120 lbs while eating junk food.

Case #3: A very difficult case of a young man with insulin-dependent diabetes and numerous mental and physical complaints.

Case #4:  A case of a middle-aged man with severe multiple chemical sensitivities for decades, chronic fatigue and multi-systemic health problems.

Webinar 005Revisiting parasites.

Case #1: A severe neurological Lyme patient in her 50s with a raft of symptoms, the most worrying of which was intermittent, complete immobility or shut down or slow down of all motor skills. 

Case #2:  A patient with severe EMF sensitivity who has been for months, so far,  now, relieved from her symptons, following a single FCT treatment.

Case  #3 : A patient with extreme EMF sensitivity who used to enter an Alzheimer’s type of state even as a result of looking at, or sensing, an iPod being turned on by someone 20-30 feet away in a park. This, as well as computers, TV, fluorescent lights (all of which were impossible for him to tolerate originally) he does not notice anymore.

Case #4/5: Two very unusual cases!  The case of a cat which underwent months of veterinary treatment for its habit of it tearing out its fur, but yet was delivered from this bad habit by a single FCT treatment. And, a cat with chronic diarrhoea cured with a single FCT treatment.

A discussion of and case of electromagnetic sensitivity linked to underground fibre optic cables.

Webinar 006 – Case #1:The first follow-up of severe multiple sclerosis of 30 years in duration: in a middle-aged woman who was wheelchair bound for some 10 years experienced a rather a significant clinical response following a single FCT treatment.

Case #2: A 21-year-old suffering very severe chicken pox with some 200 blisters and symptoms of encephalitis. This includes the patient’s own live testimony.

Case #2: A patient with severe rheumatoid arthritis on two drugs, with severe fatigue and chronic anemia and many other problems. The patient’s dramatic recovery, in her own words, started hours into her first FCT treatment.

A brief discussion of the potential dangers of Omega-3 fish oil supplements, Lyme disease and antibiotic treatments.

Webinar 007Case #1:  An elderly 83-year old woman with heart, lung and kidney disease, hypertension and diabetes, who was kept alive in the Intensive Care Unit through an artificial lung support machine due to pneumonia as a result of 'flu. In light of all of these grave circumstances, her chances for survival were deemed as minimal and that is why her doctors, out of desperation, consented to FCT help. She was removed from the machine and showed rather dramatic progress within 24-36 hours following FCT treatment. The treatment details will be presented.

Case #2:  An update on the successful progress of the patient with multiple sclerosis featured in Webinar 006.

Case #3:  A 3 year old autistic boy who was cured from autism, (not of a severe form, but nonetheless autism), with significant speech impairment and other mental limitations, in just one FCT treatment. FCT Bio-resonance identified EMFs, parasites and mercury, were all affecting the brain. Dr Yurkovsky presents the mother’s report of the attempt on a DAN(Yasko) and NAET doctor to affect a cure.

Webinar 008Hormones, a follow-up from Webinar 007. How to diagnose endocrinopathy of autoimmune origin through FCT Bio-resonance testing, without or before blood testing. Related dangers of “anti-aging” approaches using hormones – growth, DHEA, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid.  

Case #1: A young woman who has seen between 50-55 medical and alternative doctors, without success, before discovering FCT.

Webinar 009Case #1: A patient with rheumatoid arthritis, presented as almost cured in Webinar 006, has rather suddenly regressed and her rheumatoid arthritic pains have begun to return. Dr. Yurkovsky has reopened this case, the regression, and how FCT has dealt with it. A presentation on the importance of bone marrow in the aetiology of all diseases.

Case #2: A woman with multiple health problems, who has had a decade-long journey of alternative treatments, without relief.

Is coeliac sprue a truly genetic disease? It is considered as an incurable genetic disease. Yet, FCT experience indicates it to be otherwise.

Webinar 010Case #1: A clinical update on a case presented in the last webinar (#009): the response to her first FCT treatment of a woman who smelled badly.

An important ‘flu epidemic update for this year (2013) and how recent information from US healthcare governmental agencies confirms FCT findings; the magnitude of the epidemic, and change in the virus strain.

Case #2: An infertile young male with a severely lowered sperm count in. He also complains of a virtually absent sex drive and multiple other health problems. We will display his sperm analysis report prior to, and following just 3 FCT treatments.

Case #3: Another case of severe pathology of the reproductive system but in the opposite sex. This concerns a state of virtual debility as a result of multiple health problems and of a several year duration in a post-menopausal woman. She was treated by all specialists possible in the field of bio-identical hormones; hormone replacement therapy; the author of a book on endocrinological problems; experts in environmental medicine, and alternative doctors. After all of this, her clinical response remained the same – feeling worse after each intervention. Let us examine her very interesting FCT Bio-resonance test findings on her first visit and her clinical response to a single FCT treatment, so far.

Webinar 011 Coeliac sprue or coeliac disease. Its anatomy, pathophysiology and cues for FCT Bio-resonance testing. Followed by a second clinical FCT case of the treatment of a patient with life-long coeliac disease. Dr. Yurkovsky responds to a FCT practitioner’s extraordinary, challenging case of a 67 year old patient. This patient can pass out, or be brought around, with contact or laser to the knee scar, which resulted from surgery carried out at age 19. And this patient now exhibits a whole host of chronic conditions.

Webinar 012 Two clinical updates from Webinar #11 (2nd case). 
A brief discussion on the common and crucial mistake in both conventional and all of alternative medicine, where the main focus is placed on treatments themselves, while key factors in patient’s life-style and environment effectively block treatments. Including an analysis of actual patient cases with diverse chronic diseases where these key factors have been ignored.

Case #1: A case that is beyond challenging and how (mainly) alternative medical practitioners have brought this patient to the verge of dying at a personal cost of over £100,000 to herself!

Webinar 013 A clinical update concerning our star patient presented in the Webinar #012 ‘A case that is beyond challenging and how, mainly, alternative medical practitioners have brought this patient on a verge of dying.’ Her detailed first FCT treatment and  the extent of correctness of our predictions, together with her exact quotations concerning her clinical response to the first and few more FCT treatments.

A brief clinical update on two patients with coeliac disease presented in Webinar #011 (under #1).

Case #1: A young man who is unable to ejaculate during sex.
Question: Your FCT sexological approach to the case and the questions that you have to ask him? To avoid a potential sex discrimination issue we are balancing this case with a case of a 39 year old woman who has unexpectedly conceived after years of her and her partner(s) not utilising birth control measures. When, out of curiosity, I checked her preceding FCT treatment.

Webinar 015 – Case #1: A not uncommon condition, with a potential for a life- threatening complication - severe thrombophlebitis. A man in his seventies, treated several years ago, presented with a leg that rather resembled a long hot balloon of a blue-purple color, pumped up (likely with bad things) from his foot all the way above the knee. A month on conventional treatment has only ‘helped’ to balloon it more. That treatment was discontinued and following two FCT treatments there was only barely discernible puffiness left, of a normal skin color and temperature. After the third treatment it was completely gone.

Are we all in the midst of electromagnetic Armageddon? A very edifying report, for all of us, with some startling findings by an FCT practitioner following a house call to a patient afflicted with ALS or motor neuron disease.

Case #2: More on a 39 year old woman who has unexpectedly conceived, after years of her and her partner(s) not utilising birth control measures.

Case #3: FCT treatment of genetically-inherited diseases: Two teenagers with cystic fibrosis.

Webinar 016Case #1:Documentedcured case of long-standing of Crohn’s Disease, on FCT treatment.

Dangers and side-effects of vitamin D supplements.

Case #2:  Another victim of Fluoroquinolon antibiotics. This patient stated that she is one of 30,000 victims that she knows of through their internet support group, alone. Her symptoms truly resemble living hell-on-Earth with burning and ‘pins and needles’ in the entire body, night and day for two years. Besides these, the patient reported at least another dozen medical problems. FCT: testing, assessment, action.

Case #3: A documented case of low blood platelet count for over 34 years that has increased 2.5 fold, and well into normal range on FCT. Also, her test documenting malfunctioning kidneys has shown documented reversal and become normal, on FCT treatment. Severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are gone in the process, too, and her blood thyroid tests have considerably improved.