Improves the taste of food and beverages, and enhance your body's digestive metabolism.

MemonizerfoodIn our industrialised world, people are suffering more and more from the symptoms of food allergies and digestive problems. The bulk of our food today is processed or prepared industrially.

At source, fresh food often contains vitamins, trace elements, or minerals useful to our bodies’ systems; these can often be depleted by environmental toxins, pollutants, or electrosmog (EMF). The vitality of the body depends on the vitality of the food and, a memonizerFOOD is an essential device to restore the natural qualities of our food and get rid of negative energetic influences.

Healthy eating - with pleasure

A healthy diet supports a healthy lifestyle. It gives the body strength and energy, and allows your metabolism to function properly. Environmental contaminants such as heavy metals and dioxins, flourescent lights and EMF are as harmful to your health as air, water, or soil pollutants.

A conscious choice to switch to organic products can reduce, but not fully eliminate, the intake of toxins. What we can influence is the level of pathogenic information that is compromising our well-being.

Whether organic, or not, food and beverages are stripped of their natural energy content as they are transported, and then stored in environments which are high in EMF and fluorescent lighting. Then, storing food and beverages in refrigerators, and the use of an electric cooker renders food energetically ‘dead’.

memonizerFOOD neutralises this information in just four minutes so that food and drinks become optimally compatible with our bodies’ needs once again. Anyone who is able to dowse for vibrational intensity to determine the energetic value of foods and beverages will be able to see the value of the memoniserFOOD.




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