WorkstationtransformerDo you work in an open office environment where other people are using phones, computers, printers, copiers and other business equipment? Or do you work from home?

The memonizerWORKSTATION can protect your personal workspace from the effects of EMF - without affecting the performance of your IT devices or any network you are connected to. Free from the hazards of EMF, you can work more productively and still feel fresh at the end of the working day. memonizerWORKSTATION also reduces airbourne particular matter - improving air quality, making your workspace even more refreshing. The multi-socket enables you to connect up to 5 items.  

Single Unit




on EMF protection packages

For a 24/7 package that covers your living space and offers personal protection for you and your family when away from the home environment contact 07546 533406 for futher details.