Lyme disease — the great masquerader, it fools clinicians, evades diagnosis and can evolve into a wide spectrum of chronic diseases.

Following a tick bite, some people go on to develop Lyme disease. There are three stages to the disease: localised, which is where the infection has not spread beyond the bite; stage 2, where the infection has started to disseminate; stage 3 where there is involvement of multiple, and distant sites, such as the joints, the heart, or the brain.

Interestingly, not everyone who is bitten by an infected tick goes on to develop Lyme disease; we will return to the reasons for this later.

Symptoms of Lyme disease are wide-ranging. It has been found to mimic more than 40 diseases, and so it is no surprise, for this reason alone, that the condition is so hard to diagnose. Couple with this the fact that there may be a latent period of many months, or even years, before the severe and chronic symptoms start to show, by which time the standard diagnostic tests often do not show the presence of Borrelia once it has tucked itself away deep in organs and tissues. Borrelia has the uncanny ability not only to elude immuno-surveillance, but it also suppresses the immune system. This can have two major effects: the body is not able to overcome Lyme disease once it is established, and; the reduced capability of the immune system to resist secondary infections confuses the clinician further.

Why do some people develop Lyme disease, yet others do not? The answer lies in Claude Bernard’s motto: ‘The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything’.

Pathogens will only grow within a medium in which they can survive and reproduce, and a healthy immune system intercepts the process. Traditionally Lyme disease has been treated with long-term antibiotics. Results may seem promising at first, but the efficacy of antibiotic regimes often fails ultimately, when the original improvement in symptoms is not maintained. To make matters worse, long-term antibiotic therapy often renders the patient more poorly, as a result of candidiasis and parasitosis (both of which occur as a result of disturbance to the healthy gut flora),  and development of resistant bacterial strains. Medication-induced mitochondrial damage may be the cause of the ‘chronic fatigue’ symptoms which many users of lengthy courses of antibiotics often experience.

So, back to the immune system – why is it faulty? There are numerous reasons why a healthy immune status is so rare these days. The immune organs include the bone marrow, the lymph, the spleen, the thymus gland, and the liver. If these organs and tissues are clogged up with toxins, they are unable to produce an appropriate response to pathogens. Endocrine exhaustion leaves inadequate energy for the body to mount an appropriate response. Chronic infections, such as candidiasis, and infestation with worms and parasites, are an on-going drain on precious resources. Also, junk food diets, lack of sleep, and the increased stress levels in today’s society all contribute to poor health.

Another huge influence on our health are the ubiquitous electromagnetic fields, which render the natural functioning of the body hopeless. No immune system can work properly when its responses are being constantly modulated by such an unnatural energetic input. How many of us can escape its clutches? Not only do man-made electromagnetic fields distort the body’s own messaging system directly, but they have an influence on any (heavy) metal toxicity within the tissues.

So, what does Field Control Therapy offer patients with Lyme disease?

As with any other condition, the Field Control Therapy Bio-resonance testing system aims to determine the presence of Borrelia in Lyme-diagnosed patients, even if it has become lodged deep within the tissues, and so a diagnosis of Lyme disease can be confirmed. The treatment then aims to remove the toxicity, restoring good immune function. Remedies are prepared to stimulate the body to kill the Borrelia, and other chronic conditions such as candidiasis and parasitosis, whilst supporting any weak and vulnerable organs. The FCT protocol is always suited to the patient, and is always determined by testing. Lyme disease never exists in isolation - it is merely the end result of poor immune function in combination with infection from borrelia with, or without, co-infections.

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Conventional medicine prescribes antibiotics as a treatment for Lyme, however the symptoms can still persist and further prescriptions are required. This can result in further weakening of the autoimmune system resulting in the condition becoming more chronic.   


Lyme disease & co-infections are curable! DVD

This was one of the subjects presented by Savely Yurkovsky MD in New York in October 2011, to healthcare professionals, and FCT students and practitioners.

Dr. Yurkovsky presents an extensive, in-depth analysis of the causative factors that contribute to this debilitating condition. He has gained this valuable knowledge over a period of more than 20 years clinical practice, during which time he has been delivering successful treatments for Lyme disease, and a wide range of other acute and chronic illnesses, utilising FCT – his revolutionary science-based, medical system.

Dr. Yurkovsky presents many case studies of these successful outcomes for patients diagnosed with Lyme disease. One of these patients had lived with Lyme disease for more than 20 years. Dr. Yurkovsky also gives a comprehensive explanation of the underlying causes that contribute to the manifestation of Lyme’s, and the reasons why conventional and alternative interventions can offer, at best, only short-term relief. He also explains how the diagnosis by conventional medicine of many other conditions (both acute and chronic), has failed to identify Lyme’s as one of the factors contributing to many of these diseases, in particular those of a neurological nature.

The DVD also features Dr. Yurkovsky testing and treating a teenager diagnosed with Lyme’s. The running time of this DVD is approximately 135 minutes and is available for £27.00 including postage.

Lyme disease DVD


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Note: this DVD does not contain the Morgellon's disease section that is included in the "Lyme disease is Curable" DVD set available from