So what exactly are electromagnetic fields (EMF)? And how do they affect our health and well-being?

EMF is the acronym for electromagnetic fields. It sounds a little bit like something out of a science fiction novel, but EMF are a perfectly natural phenomenon and have been around since the birth of the Universe. In essence, electric fields exist wherever positive or negative electrical charges are present – while magnetic fields result from the flow of an electric current.

To explain it another way, when an electrical appliance is plugged into a socket, an electric field is created in the surrounding area. This happens even if the appliance isn’t turned on. But when the appliance is turned on, a magnetic field is created. So, an electric field and a magnetic field then exist together. This is true not only with appliances that are operated by mains electricity, but also with any device operated by batteries.

The important thing to bear in mind is that all electromagnetic fields give off energy. Depending on the type of EMF, this energy is radiated at different frequencies. (Think of it in terms of being like radio stations broadcasting on different wavelengths.) Natural sources of EMF are all around us in the environment too. Electric fields build up in the atmosphere to produce thunderstorms – and, of course, the Earth has its own magnetic field, which can cause Geopathic Stress (also covered within this website). Our health and well-being are at risk from these forms of pollution: wireless emissions (WLAN, cell/wireless phones, cell and radio towers); electromagnetic fields (computers, engines, inferior wiring, power lines); ground current and 'dirty electricity'.

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Obvious and yet unobvious. You can find the location of EMF transmitters within your area

Yet, throughout long millennia of our evolution, exposure to low-level natural waves of EMF radiation has, until recently, never been a problem for humankind. The sudden abrupt and shocking change came with the ‘discovery’ of electricity in the 19th century. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he could have had little idea that this was the beginning of a new age of harmful EMF. That was only a tiny ripple of course - but that’s how tidal waves begin.

In historical terms, it took only the blink of an eye before everyone was living in homes that were wired for electricity – generating new, and much more powerful electromagnetic fields round most families in the developed world. The waves started rising, and not in the gradual way that anyone could have predicted. In the space of a very few short and recent years, they have become a huge and threatening surge, not least because we now inhabit a digital world where connectivity is totally dependent on devices that create EMF. Our homes are deluged by EMF. So are our workplaces. So are our schools. And you can forget leaving home to escape it, because so are our cars, and other forms of transport. EMF is more or less ubiquitous.

How can EMF have an effect on our health?

From your brain to your fingertips, your body is a perfectly energised organism that is precisely controlled and powered by electrical impulses. These impulses travel through the neural pathways to excite the required reaction when your body responds to a stimulus. For example, if you prick your finger, in an instant you will automatically withdraw your finger, even before you feel the pain, as your nerve endings flash a message to your brain. But it goes far beyond such simple responses.

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Complex electrical signalling controls all of your body’s vital functions: your heartbeat; your breathing; your immune system and the continuous renewal of cells and tissue; your digestion and absorption of nutrients – in fact it controls everything that keeps you alive without you even realising. All of these responses depend not only on the tiny electrical impulses generated by chemical reactions within the body, but also occur by virtue of the fact that every cell generates its own electromagnetic field . Perhaps even more importantly, these impulses are fundamental to who we are, to our unique character and personality. Why? Because electrical charges fire the connections between the synapses in the brain. This continuous ‘electric excitement’ is how we process information and form ideas. It affects how we think, what we think, and the way we reason and reach our decisions in life.

So any disturbance to the body’s natural electromagnetic field is potentially catastrophic. Especially when you consider the following incontrovertible scientific fact: some forms of EMF are so powerful that their waves carry sufficient energy to actually break down molecular bonds. Fortunately, in everyday life we are rarely exposed to this type of high-frequency ionising radiation, which gives off the gamma rays found in radioactive materials, cosmic rays and X-rays. That’s the good news.

However, it is generally acknowledged that low frequency electric and magnetic fields induce circulating currents within the human body. Furthermore, if sufficiently large, these currents could affect biological processes. So it’s not disputed that certain levels of EMF can trigger biological effects. The critical problem is that the tide of EMF has risen so quickly, and our bodies have not evolved to develop the mechanisms needed to compensate for this. The stark fact we all have to face is that we are confronted by effects that stress and break down the systems we rely on for our health and well-being, and which might prove to be irreversible.

So how can Field Control Therapy recognise the stress of EMF?

First let’s look at some of the general symptoms; and see how many of them you can identify with - feeling tired all the time; sleeplessness; anxiety; nausea; bouts of depression; lack of appetite for life; lethargy; reccurring headaches; not being in the mood for anything. A great many people feel exactly as you do. Most just shrug and accept it as an inevitable factor resulting from today’s faster pace of life. In a way, they are right, but not always for the reasons they think. Detecting the reasons behind these symptoms can be extremely difficult.

It’s only when they become more of an aggravation that we seek medical opinion. However, this is an area which demonstrates the uniqueness of Field Control Therapy diagnostic system. FCT Bio-resonance testing can identify the underlying causes that result in a compromised sense our health and well-being. The testing procedure begins by determining the levels of disruptive EMF in the body. Other than for patients who use Memon devices, pathological EMF are always present to varying degrees. For those working in IT, or for those who use cell phones, or cordless handsets frequently, levels tend to be quite considerable. Because the body will not function well as an energetic system whilst under the influence of harmful EMF, an FCT homeopathic remedy is given immediately to discharge these destructive fields, and before testing can continue.


Whilst patients are in this ‘discharged’ state, physiological processes can occur in a more natural fashion. But, as soon as the patient returns to the ‘real world’, the negative influences of EMF begin all over again as the body is once again immersed in these detrimental fields. The FCT testing procedure can determine whether or not it is primarily the electric, or the magnetic component of EMF that is most injurious. This might help determine the primary causative factor, for example vehicles tend to generate an increased magnetic field.

Of course, it is possible for patients to use a FCT homeopathic remedy to discharge the pathological EMF at the end of the working day ... and the remedy does work. But, levels of EMF begin to build again ... and again ... and again, because the formation/production/generation of EMF is unrelenting, and will continue to rise, as we depend on modern technology and fast communication.

Below is a representative selection of the most alarming facts of EMF, from the most respected sources. However, we must emphasise that this only a tiny fraction of the data available. You can do your own research. There are literally thousands upon thousands of articles, studies and research papers that have been published have tried to alert us to the risks, or at the very least attempt to bring the issue under public scrutiny. Information relating to specific issues; such as risks to children’s health; dangers in the home and workplace; pregnancy; particular medical conditions; overhead power lines and virtually every aspect of modern life.

Academic research

Resonance – Beings of frequency. A comprehensive overview of electromagnetic fields by James Russell.

Our health and economies are at risk from these forms of pollution: wireless emissions (WLAN, cell/wireless phones, cell and radio towers); electromagnetic fields (computers, engines, inferior wiring, power lines); ground current and 'dirty electricity.  

Disturbance of the immune system by electromagnetic fields. A potentially underlying cause for cellular damage and tissue repair reduction which could lead to disease and impairment.

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Electromagnetic fields stress living cells.

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Medical associations, medical doctors and leading scientific experts call for safe technologies in schools.

Study finds exposure to magnetic fields in pregnancy increases asthma risk.

"A two-minute cell phone call alters a child’s brain function for an hour."
(Source: The child scrambler–What a mobile can do to a youngster’s brain in 2 minutes”, UK Sunday Mirror, April 1, 2004.)

Study reports short latencies for cancer in young workers with high occupational exposures to electro-magnetic fields.

DNA and cell resonance: Magnetic waves enable cell communication.

Electrosmog uploaded by Dr. Magda Havas, Phd, on 21 Mar 2010: Live blood cells become sticky and clump together (rouleaux formation) when I use a computer or a mobile phone. This type of analysis may be useful.

Electromagnetic Man: Health and hazard in the electrical environment. 

Ban mobile phones and wi-fi from schools 'as they are potentially harmful’. Pupils at risk from radiation, Euro experts warn.

Biological effects of Eelectric and magnetic fields - Beneficial and harmful effects. Published: June 1994. Imprint: Academic Press ISBN: 978-0-12-160260. Edited by David Carpenter, School of Public Health, University of Albany, New York, U.S.A. Sinerik Ayrapetyan, Armenian Academy of Sciences, Yerevan, Armenia. Recent concerns over the possible hazards of electrical and magnetic fields in the home and workplace are comprehensively addressed within this book. The chapters contain detailed research on the biological effects of electric and magnetic fields, and evidence for and against any interaction of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and the biological systems.

What dark field microscopy can tell us about the effects on blood cells.

This study was to investigate the impact of electronic and environmental stresses on the driver (Johannes Stuck). The test took place using a Lamborghini Gallardo for the ADAC-GT Masters Series in May 2011 and was conducted by Andreas Gerzen (Institut für analytische Medizin).

Dark field microscopy was used to show the results. Each field was assessed for what is known as “rouleaux formation”. This is a phenomenon of erythrocytes (red blood cells) and among other attributes, takes into account the flow ability of blood. The more freely and openly the erythrocytes are distributed across a sample, the better the flow qualities are.

Oxidative stress was also evaluated, based upon the characteristic of the rouleaux formation. Lastly, the final important parameter that was measured were the number of neutrophil granulocytes (the most abundant type of white blood cell forming an essential part of the innate immune system) in the entire sample, in order to evaluate any possible influence on the human immune system. The short video here shows the effect on the subject's blood.

 It was commented by Andreas Gerzen (Institut für analytische Medizin): "Using therapeutic-medicinal methods, it would be extremely difficult to bring about such enormous changes within so short a time. Thus in my opinion, a tremendous effect on health can be attributed to the CARTransformer, which I personally would not have expected. During the whole of my practical work up to the present using a dark field microscope, I have never come across such clear and positive results".