Improves concentration, keeps you refreshed and alert.

Whenever you drive, EMF is your unseen and unwanted passenger – and it’s caused not only by all the electrical circuitry in your car, but is also generated by the spark plugs and air friction. No wonder long journeys are so stressful and the incidence of accidents rises the further you drive.

The memonizerCAR Transformer harmonizes the pathogenic effects of EMF and improves concentration for the driver, and keeps passengers refreshed. The size of a business card, the CAR Transformer also offers personal EMF protection, and can be carried conveniently in a pocket or wallet. This is particularly beneficial for anyone who travels frequently, since airports and hotels are a huge source of EMF pollution.

A memonTransformer can be easily installed in all types of road vehicles, including vans, HGVs, buses and coaches, without needing any assistance from a mechanic, or any special tools.

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