This was one of the subjects presented by Savely Yurkovsky MD in New York in October 2011, to healthcare professionals, and FCT students and practitioners.

Dr Yurkovsky presents an extensive, in-depth analysis of the causative factors that contribute to this debilitating condition. He has gained this valuable knowledge over a period of more than 20 years clinical practice, during which time he has been delivering successful treatments for Lyme disease, and a wide range of other acute and chronic illnesses, utilising FCT – his revolutionary science-based, medical system.

Dr Yurkovsky presents many case studies of these successful outcomes for patients diagnosed with Lyme disease. One of these patients had lived with Lyme disease for more than 20 years. Dr Yurkovsky also gives a comprehensive explanation of the underlying causes that contribute to the manifestation of Lyme’s, and the reasons why conventional and alternative interventions can offer, at best, only short-term relief. He also explains how the diagnosis by conventional medicine of many other conditions (both acute and chronic), has failed to identify Lyme’s as one of the factors contributing to many of these diseases, in particular those of a neurological nature.

The DVD also features Dr Yurkovsky testing and treating a teenager diagnosed with Lyme’s. The running time of this 2 DVD set is approximately 135 minutes and is available for £27.00 including postage.

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