Autism, ADHD and many brain disorders are curable’, was the major subject of a seminar presented in New York by Savely Yurkovsky, MD in October 2011, to health professionals, and FCT students and practitioners. This part of the seminar, available on a 7 disc DVD set, described all aspects of the methodology of FCT.

The DVDs introduce a detailed explanation of the very roots of disease with their insidious interconnections and interdependency. They vividly demonstrate why, and how, all other treatment methods are doomed to failure because of their inability to diagnose and treat the main roots or true causes of autism. These other methods are also overly expensive, as a rule.

Dr. Yurkovsky demonstrates the precision of FCT Bio-resonance testing in detecting the main causes of autism directly – both in the brain, and in other organs. He also demonstrates the ability of his novel homeopathic approach to address these causative factors.

Dr. Yurkovsky also introduces the cases of several autistic children present at the seminar, who were undergoing FCT treatment on the day. Their parents also gave firsthand accounts of their children’s cure and ongoing progress.


7 DVD set Autism and ADHD are curable!

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